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Professional Summary

I am a Python developer with over two years of experience developing in Django, Flask, HTML (Landing pages, Portfolios, etc), Wordpress (Ecommerce, site for Organizations) in web projects I have collaborated on a renowned Website Serpple.com.
I have knowledge related to:

  • Python
  • Django
  • Flask
  • SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Git
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Sass
  • Data Analysis with Python (Pandas, Psycopg2, Numpy, APIs)
  • QA testing
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Node JS
Recently, I worked at Cottonsp (https://cottonsp.com.ar/), a startup dedicated to offering consulting and web development services to companies. There, I used my Django knowledge to create applications.
I am passionate about learning new technologies, solving problems, and creating innovative solutions that add value to users and clients.
I am interested in working remotely on projects that allow me to apply and expand my skills as a Web Developer with Python, Data Analyst, Front End with React, and QA tester. I am a person who likes to work in teams, research until reaching the proposed goal, and continue learning. I am available full time.

Professional Experience

Serpple.com · Freelance Contract
United States
Activity: At Nettech, I collaborated in maintaining the site https://Serpple.com, built with Django. My contribution included identifying necessary changes to update the Google Ads API, as well as troubleshooting existing code. I learned a lot and grew professionally through teamwork and collaboration.
Website: https://serpple.com
Position: Django Developer
Period: Jan 2024 - Jan 2024 · 1 month

Perfil Upwork:https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01af9679126e315a74
Job review: "From the onset, Jose demonstrated an exceptional level of commitment and professionalism that truly stood out. His approach to the project was characterized by a positive attitude and a readiness to tackle the tasks at hand with enthusiasm and dedication.
Jose's communication skills were a highlight of our collaboration. He maintained transparency and kept us informed throughout the development process, ensuring that we were always on the same page. His ability to stay focused and motivated, even when working independently on complex aspects of the project, was commendable.
What impressed me most about Jose was his integrity and work ethic. He approached the project with a level of care and responsibility that is rare to find. His technical skills, coupled with his diligent work approach, made him a good asset to the project.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Jose to anyone in need of an earnest developer who not only brings technical skills to the table but also a genuine commitment to delivering quality work. His professionalism, combined with his positive and proactive approach, makes him an excellent choice for any project."

Professional Experience

Organization IUS · Freelance Contract
Activity: Successfully created and developed the website for Organization IUS (https://organizacion-ius.com), a multifaceted organization comprising a law firm, an accounting firm, a management office, an insurer, and the IUS Foundation for the Needy. Implementation of specific functionalities for each sector of the organization, ensuring an optimal user experience and intuitive navigation. Close collaboration with the Organization IUS team to understand and meet their requirements and objectives. Timely delivery and maintenance of high standards of quality in website design and functionality.
Website: https://organizacion-ius.com
Position: Web Developer
Period: Oct 2023 – Nov 2023 · 1 month

Professional Experience

Deco Piedra · Ecommerce
Activity: Successfully designed and developed an e-commerce website using WordPress, WooCommerce, and Divi, with full integration of social networks. Implementation of custom features to ensure a smooth and engaging shopping experience for users. Successful integration of the Mercado Libre payment method, providing customers with a variety of secure and reliable payment options. Close collaboration with the client to understand and meet their specific needs, ensuring a final result that met their expectations. Project delivery within established deadlines and maintenance of high standards of quality in design and functionality.
Website: https://decopiedra.com
Position: Web Developer
Period: Nov 2023 – Dec 2023 · 1 month

Business Experience

Activity: Co-founder of Cotton SP, a leading company in the development of websites and web applications. Worked alongside a team of approximately 10 people, overseeing web development projects and applications for a variety of clients. Participated in several projects for less renowned companies, providing innovative and customized solutions that met each client's specific needs. We developed a web application using Django for a renowned international bank, HCBC, which became one of Cotton SP's most prominent projects. Collaborated closely with the team to ensure timely and successful project delivery, maintaining high standards of quality at all stages of development.
Position: Co-founder · Developer
Period: Oct 2023 – Nov 2023 · 8 months

Business Experience

Activity: Founder and leader of Deco Piedra, a successful factory specializing in cement coatings, floors, and pots since 2013 to the present. Responsible for comprehensive business management, including strategic planning, production, sales, and customer service. Direct supervision of a team of 5 employees, ensuring a safe and productive work environment. Establishment and maintenance of business relationships with clients throughout the province, resulting in solid growth and a prominent reputation in the market.
Position: Owner and Manager
Period: 2013 - Present


Commercial expert with orientation in banking and tax techniques

Systems Engineering
2009 – 2001



Introducción a la Nube

Otorgado por: Platzi | Junio 2024


Bootcamp de Inteligencia Artificial Generativa de AWS

Otorgado por: AWS entrena Argentina | Junio 2024

URL credencial

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

Otorgado por: AWS entrena Argentina | Junio 2024

URL credencial

Fundamentos de Nube AWS

Otorgado por: AWS entrena Argentina | Junio 2024

URL credencial

Especializacoin en Tecnologías de Desarrollo REACT

Otorgado por: Subsecretaría de Empleo Chaco | Diciembre-2023

URL credencial

Curo de Bootstrap 5: Incluye HTML, CSS, Sass, JS, Node JS y más

Otorgado por: Udemy | September-2023

ID Credencial: UC-373bcc63-1088-4200-b2f9-8b0b372dd4b73

URL credencial

Data Analytics (Python, Psycopg2, Pandas, SQLAlchemy, numpy, Flask, APIS)

Otorgado por: Subsecretaría de Empleo Chaco | September-2023

URL credencial

Curso de Especialización en Tecnologías de Desarrollo: TESTING

Otorgado por: Subsecretaría de Empleo Chaco | September-2023

URL credencial

Certificación Internacional en Desarrollo de Ecosistemas Emprendedores

Otorgado por: INNOVA - Unitar - Cifal ONU | August-2023


Empleabilidad 4.0

Otorgado por: INNOVA - Unitar - Cifal ONU | May-2023


Certificación python

Otorgado por: OpenBootcamp | February-2023


Certificación SQL

Otorgado por: OpenBootcamp | February-2023


Certificación HTML - CSS

Otorgado por: OpenBootcamp | February-2023


Programación Web con Python y Django - Microsoft SQL Server

Otorgado por: Subsecretaría de Empleo Chaco | January-2022


Curso crypto sobre Web 3 y Blockcain

Otorgado por: Lemon Cash | October-2022


Curso de Programación Básica

Otorgado por: Platzi | September-2022

ID Credencial: b130c55e-146e-4fae-8b9c-c067870ab213

URL credencial

Curso introducción a la programación

Otorgado por: Subsecretaría de Empleo Chaco | September-2022

My Portfolio

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  • Web
  • Repository

Ecomerce - React

Web App TP final e-commerce para Informatorio 2023.

Wordpress - Online Store - Real Project

Real project in Wordpress whit Woocommerce

Django App

Web app in Django using modules like login and blog

Wordpress - Real project

Real project in Wordpress

Flask App - Consume API

Web app in Flask using openweathermap.org API

Local Storage

TODO App - LocalStorage


Form in JavaScript using POO

Manipulating the DOM

Example of cart object in Java Scripts

Flexbox 2

Develop web using Flexbox techniques

Web Bootstrap

Landing page in Bootstrap - Scroll - Responsive

Challenge Data Analytics - Python

Using Google Colab and the library request is stored locally in CSV format, then a second Script to fill the extracted data. Libraries used: datetime, requests, pandas, json_normalize, json.

Data Analytics | Python | Final Project - Mid evel

Python script that consumes an API (https://api.openweathermap.org/data/2.5/forecast) to populate an SQL database with the information contained in the Response. A second Script that reads and displays the meteorological data obtained for 5 days.

LandingPage | Responsive

LandingPage using Sass. Contact form with data validation.


Range using Bootstrap

Layout CSS

Replicate from image

CSS Cards

Card using CSS


Develop web using Flexbox techniques




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